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Libya’s Other War: Fighting Corruption for Sustainable Stability

Libya’s Other War: Fighting Corruption for Sustainable Stability Attempts at curbing Libya’s culture of corruption… [More]

Khalifa Hifter: All Things to All Men? Western policy opinion has been split regarding the recent events in Libya which propelled… [More]

Libya’s Constitutional Assembly: Organisational First Steps

      Basing the constitutional process and final document on a system of ‘guiding… [More]

Al-Qaeda’s Strategy Evolves in Libya

The Libyan government faces an unusual political crisis that threatens to change the course of… [More]

A Working Plan: Libya’s Constitutional Assembly

On October 6th the registration process begins for those wishing to run as candidates to… [More]

Why Libya’s ‘isolation law’ threatens progress*

Libya may want to move on from its past, but a law passed earlier this… [More]

In Libya, Militias Rule*

on September 23, 2013

In Libya, Militias Rule*

Piles of rubble and mangled metal litter the corners of two leafy upscale neighborhoods in… [More]

Egyptian lessons to Libya – and why constitutional consensus is key *

While Egypt’s political transition is once again in turmoil, in Libya an important step has… [More]

Libya’s Bloody Ramadan: Assassinations & Protests *

Assassinations and targeted attacks are not a new phenomenon in post-revolutionary Libya.     However,… [More]

Libya’s Security Situation: Implications for Democratic Governance

By: Giorgio Mariani       The atmosphere in Tripoli on 20 October 2011, when… [More]