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Sadeq Institute is a non-governmental think tank based in Libya that provides analysis and understanding of strategic Libyan issues and challenges by cultivating a culture of public discourse and plurality of thought. It is the world’s first research institute specializing in Libyan affairs. The Sadeq Institute aspires to a Libya where every citizen’s opinion is heard and valued, and every person is treated with dignity and respect. During this critical juncture in Libya’s history, we believe free and open discussion will be vital to the cultivation of an informed and progressive political culture. To this end, the Sadeq Institute is committed to an ethos that comprises three main tenets:

Pluralism through ideas
As a non-partisan and independent organisation working to foster a culture of informed citizenship and debate, the Sadeq Institute is committed to encouraging a diversity of political opinions, and believes that drawing on this diversity is key to producing policy that represents Libyan society as a whole.


Accountability through research
The Sadeq Institute believes that true accountability can only come about in the context of an informed and empowered citizenry. We believe that such a culture can only arise where information and commentary on government activities is freely disseminated and accessible to all. Accordingly, the Sadeq Institute advocates for the ability of all Libyans to hold government to account, armed with accurate knowledge of the government’s activities, and free from intimidation or persecution. Our research will always be made available to everyone who needs it, regardless of political affiliation or social class.


Change through participation
The Sadeq Institute believes in the potential for Libyan society to take its future into its own hands. Widespread public political participation is key to achieving this goal. As meaningful participation in government is a relatively new concept in Libya, the Sadeq Institute strives in all its actions to encourage and inform efforts by Libyan civil society to organise, expand, and deepen.

Research & Publications
Research, policy articles and editorials that are published periodically on our site, are central to Sadeq Institute’s activities. By providing and distributing independent analysis and research results, we aim to be a leading source of innovative solutions to key national challenges.

Our current research coverage is centered around six areas:

• Economics
• Health
• Law
• Governance
• Security
• Education

Since its inception, Sadeq Institute has participated in prestigious international events and conferences. Following its official launch in April 2012 in Tripoli, Sadeq Institute will begin hosting debates and conferences with expert speakers from around the world.