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Paper: A health policy assessment in post-conflict Libya

A new discussion about the health sector in post-conflict Libya – one regarding strategic, bureaucratic… [More]

Paper: Security Service Reform in Libya

Security service reform as a means to achieving the long-term goals through transitional justice, and… [More]

Event: Sadeq Institute at Loughborough University

Every year, Loughborough University’s Politics History and International Relations department, in conjunction with the Centre… [More]

Event: EUISS Annual Conference 2011

Since 2007 the EUISS Annual Conference has focused on the topic of the efforts of… [More]

Paper: Time is Money

on November 12, 2011

Paper: Time is Money

Exploring issues of currency stabilisation in the Libyan post-conflict period. Download PDF: Time is Money… [More]

Paper: After Gaddafi – Libya’s post conflict

Sadeq Institute’s General Director, Anas El Gomati analyzes the pressing past, present and future issues… [More]

Event: Riga Conference 2011

on September 7, 2011

Event: Riga Conference 2011

The Rīga Conference held in Latvia, is a prestigious foreign and security policy forum in… [More]